A New Approach To Safety Analytics

Over the the last few months, we have been working on developing useful safety analytics for utilities. We’ve seen safety analytics challenges that both Nuclear Utilities and Non-Nuclear Utilities seem to have in common, specifically whether: (1) is there a way to analyze future work for potential injury risk and the types of injuries that […]

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5 Reasons AI is the Promising Future of Nuclear CAP

In the near future, the Nuclear Corrective Action Program (CAP) will be sleek, streamlined, and highly efficient; where occasionally humans participants are required to review and deliberate over only the most complicated issues requiring their vast experience and wisdom. For everything else, a trained army of CAP AI agents invisibly process issues, review and alert […]


Meet the Nuclearn Founders

This post is a companion piece to the Meet the Hosts episode of the Nuclearn video series, AIRL, on Youtube. Nuclearn’s founders, Jerrold Vincent and Bradley Fox met in late 2016 about 45 miles west of Phoenix while working at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, the nation’s largest domestic producer of carbon-free energy. At the […]